What is it about entrepreneurial success that one can learn from a mountain goat?

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Mountain goats have always been a
source of silent inspiration to me. Per se, mountain goats are not true goats,
but are a close relative and more popularly known as goat-antelopes. These are surefooted beasts that inhabit
many of North America’s most spectacular alpine environments, often appear at precipitous heights, from Alaska
to the U.S. Rocky Mountains, showcasing climbing abilities that leave other
animals, including most humans, far below. Mountain goats have cloven hooves
with two toes that spread wide to improve balance. Rough pads on the bottom of
each toe provide the grip of a natural climbing shoe. Mountain goats are
powerful but nimble and can jump nearly 12 feet in a single bound.

What fascinates me about the
mountain goats is not their natural structure that makes them fit to climb such
rough and rocky terrains but the fact that “a
mountain goat always makes it to the…

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