About The Human Place

The path to greatness has different lines. Only your own line will help you grow successfully.”
Pavel Alexandrov
Ph.D. in Humanistic and Political Psychology, Author, Speaker
…and just an ordinary human being.

Great success comes as a sum of small steps. Every step counts, and every detail is essential. The human being is the most complex creature in the whole world. The evolution of the human being is a history of learning opportunities, backed up with efforts. Every single moment of learning is an unique place in time and universe, where and when the person grows trough reading or practicing what has been read. The human place is a a small equivalent of the surrounding universe where people can find knowledge, ideas, inspiration to try something new, or grow while learning more about themselves and the surrounding world.

Divided into different categories, the blog shares thoughts, experiences, and models for everyone to take, learn and implement.

There is no speed in The Human Place. There is no demand for going through the content. Everyone can invest the amount of time they want and take the content they think will be most beneficial for them. Because the truth about learning is that it is the most personal process that can happen to anyone.

Want to give it a try?…

Welcome to your humanistic place for learning and growing with your own tempo and attitude.