Five simple rules to follow if you want to set and achieve goals

Years ago, I was part of a company in the FMCG industry where I had to write, achieve and report progress every quarter. In the beginning, I was shocked. People wanted me to plan, then to promise, and at the end, to achieve what I have promised. Two quarters and I have had a list of non-finished tasks and goals that seemed impossible for me to complete. I was ready to quit. I have also written a resignation letter and was walking toward my boss’s office. On my way, I met a woman from our department who was with the company for more than twenty years. She stopped me to ask why I look so desired. And when I told her what I was going t do, she stopped me, pulled me back to one of the rooms, and invested merely than an hour from her time to explain what I should do instead of thinking to quit. Now, so many years after this meeting, I am still sticking to the rules she shared with me to help achieve my goals. I am offering these simple rules to help you get to the next place in your career, completing your goals, and making a real impact.

Articulate or write your goal

When you set a new goal, the first thing to do is to have it somewhere you will not forget about it. I write my goals on a digital app that I look at at least once a day to remind me what my next steps should be if I want to succeed—nothing more and nothing less.

Make it visible – wall or where you see it

What has always motivated me is to copy my goals and set them next to the computer screens I am using at work. No matter how often you can turn to the place where you track your goals, you will need to have them somewhere to remind you that there is still work, task or project, you have committed to and need to finish. You can chose the wall, or have a paper sticking on the side of your screen, or put the goals on the back of the door. The point is to have them somewhere where you can see them. Remember that something that is not in your sight is often quickly forgotten.

Feel what it will be to achieve it as an emotion

What will be a goal if you cannot express it as an emotion. The plans you set must have an emotional response in you. If you want to feel optimistic about the final result, you will need to project the feeling of success emotionally. You will have to prepare yourself for the surface when you achieve the goal and focus on making it an engine for your efforts.

Take real action and celebrate progress

Until I have had only goals, without any emotions, connected with them, I did not felt any joy in completing my goals. After you have define the emotional state of the success, the point here is to connect it with a small reward for yourself. People like to tip. They are not ready to give up a bonus. Often if someone misses a premium, the feeling that is rising is sadness and griff. To make progress, we need stimulus. And they have to be relevant to the efforts we think we have invested in the goal. It is unnecessary to organize huge celebrations, something small but meaningful for you will be just fine.

Share it with someone important for you to keep it alive

Most people tend to work alone on their goals. And more often, they lose sight and give up the plans. In our lives, from the time when we were small children, we have always been supported by someone. And he has reminded us that we have to walk the path toward the goal completion. That is why it is essential to share your goal with a trusted person who you genuinely believe will support you on your way toward achieving the goals. Having such a person next to you will help you stay motivated, engaged and stick to the plan to its completion.


We often mislead the goals with dreams. But dreams come and go, while the plans are milestones whose completion is ensuring our progress. Often, while trying to achieve a goal, we are losing direction and get stuck in situations that look hopeless for us. And when you fell into such a case, the only thing you can do is get yourself together, plan and act toward achieving the next milestone in your life and work.  


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