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How to use The Empathy Telescope to grant your success

There are many leaders today who start their leadership path just to understand that inspirational leaders are not so easy to be built.

These same people, hoping to become like their idols often fall in the trap of not having it all what it takes to become the greatest and most inspirational persons in their communities.

All of them are just lacking one small thing in their behavior – focus. To make their work valuable and seen these leaders must learn behavior that focuses on specific results with a small, but remarkable group of people. This element is often called an empathic telescope.

There are many examples in the history of leadership for the empathic telescope phenomenon. One of the sparkling examples is the Bible and the story for the chosen nation trying to reach the promised land. Their leader – God- focuses on helping only them and no one else.

Another example in modern history isvElon Musk. He focuses on giving people clean energy to help the world survive. All his creations are focused on exactly three principles:

  1. It must be clean and ecological
  2. It must be a good example that others can follow
  3. It must focus on a group of people that can make an impact(in this case people with money to buy it)

Elon Musk as Satya Nadela,  Steve Jobs and many others are excellent examples of the empathic telescope tool. All of them are making boutique products meant to change the world.

The empathic telescope is not something unique, and it can help anyone ready to change the world but struggles with the results. Here are some tips to help you make your empathic telescope work for you:

Analyze and evaluate your options

You cannot start something without knowing if the thing is worth the money and time invested. A good example is not educated people who are trying to start their own business at the same place and with the same subject that has failed a previous business just to find In a couple of months that the business is not an opportunity, but a fail. Before you start something you will need to do your analysis and find what is the potential value of the project you are planning to execute.

Calculate each  option outcomes

Hey,  I don’t mean you to calculate the money you are going to win, by executing your best option.  You will need to find what from all the options you analyze is going to create the most value in gains, wins,  reputation, social status and then continue with the monetary element. When started his initiative to teach people how to invest in their future Robert Kyosaki has meant it as an initiative to help first himself and then his best friend and small group or relatives.  After he has gained enough experience to share, he has started to spread the words around the world by popularizing his system and trying to help people become more undependable. Kyosaki has made different mistakes in his path to success, but has shared them to others as advice and cultivated good practices based n experience and results to help others.  What he has maid is a simple calculation of wins and losses and extracted the positive outcomes, tested and implemented by a small group of people and then spread widely around the world.

Focus on the steps with  the highest impact

People nowadays try to get everything from everyone, everywhere.  What we cannot understand and accept that the world has become bigger and full of nuances of all possible decisions we can make.  You want to help your and others’ growth  –  you need then to focus on a limited group of people who can make an impact.  One good example in this area is Southwest Airlines.  The company has based all its activities toward a group of people traveling through a specific route.  After focused work on high-level customer service they Southwest airlines has changed the way other companies react to their clients in the regions where Southwest airlines operate.  The company expands its plans and actions in the regions slowly and carefully by inviting passengers to help her with the growth plans and is one of the most beloved airlines in the US.  Instead of trying to take all over the market, Southwest airlines have focused on a small group of people to turn them into an army of believers and loyal followers and brand promoters. 

Make regular reality  checks

Do you remember the leader in the business mobile industry  Blackberry? Their phones were everywhere.  Most of the business people,  politicians, and celebrities owned at least one Blackberry phone between 2001 and 2007.  Ten years later they have turned down their hardware business.  The story of another brand was the opposite.  In 2009  Jeff Bezos presented the Kindle e-book reader. At the same time, more than 10  other brands were owning and selling their e-book readers.  In 10  years 8 of these brands are no more to be seen anywhere, but the Kindle society has grown rapidly.  The first Kindle was then introduced as a convenient library, holding in its heart all of your beloved books.  It was a product for those who love books.  These people were the Kindle army,  presenting to the world the most convenient library you can take everywhere with you.  People started joining their relatives, friends, and groups of interests community of Kindle lovers which grew the community to one of the largest in the world. What helped the Kindle evolution was the constant focus on improving and changing toward the users’ needs.


The empathy telescope is a tool to help communities grow with the right speed, skills, attitudes, and results.  Comparing to the structure of a telescope you need to understand that everything in the world starts as a small element that grows over time toward focused behavior and actions.  The empathy telescope is one of the tools that can be used to ensure growth on every level – personal,  team,  organization, country,  global.

To start using it you don’t need anything specific except some analyzing and planning skills, coupled with flexibility toward change in the growing world.

Are you ready to look through your empathy telescope?


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