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7+1 easy tips to get more self-confidence

In a century of leaders and followers, one of the major problems is self-confidence.  In times where social media allows people to have a double identity, they are convinced that there is an opportunity to play to roles. Often people who look self-confident, open, adventurous in social media have a completely different face in front of others in real life. The social media convenience, caused by the distance and lack of ability to prove what you really look like is the reason why we have today’s social communication problems. Often people, talking freely in the webspace can’t even start a meaningful conversation in real life. These same open and brave souls come afraid to meetings,  do not share their positions loudly and are the reason for weal decisions in the organization.

In global research,  conducted by  The European Psychology association in more than 65 countries,  researchers have identified that 63% of people interviewed (the number of people was more than 23 000) are lacking self-confidence in their work and personal life and compensate that state with demonstrating false statuses in social media.

Technology has made communication easier and distance is no longer a factor,  we lose more and more self-confidence in our actions.

How can we change that? What can we do to restructure our behavior? How can we become more self-confident in real life, instead of demonstrating it only on the web?

There are many tools created today to help us with that. You will see programs, sold on the internet, courses, and lections led by gurus, coaches, and others, books, telling us how to reconstruct our thinking and behavior to become more self-confident and goal-oriented, etc.

But still,  when you look at most of these tools they are teaching you similar things.  And still, they teach you how to become self-confident by depending on others’ help. I’m not going to give you the next list of things that you will depend on others. But these are the things I have implemented in my practice and have worked for me and a group of people I have consulted during the years. These things are with your, practical and easy to implement. I believe that  they  can help  you:

Dress for confidence
The simplest thing you can do is to change your outlook. Maybe you have seen a lot of people who show respectful in front of your eyes. Find the dress code that makes you feel you look like your best you and that will lead to feeling yourself more confident. As an additional benefit that will help you to interact up when with people around you because you won’t be distracted by questioning yourself about your look. Invest in some good accessories,  get rid of the old clothes you like so much and invest in something modern. It doesn’t need to be designer clothes,  but still, it has to answer the environment model.

Walk up  the pace
What you need to do next time you go to work is to look at people who are considered confidential.  Look how they walk and answer yourself the question: What is that their walking style communicates about them?  Find the purpose you are and go with your head up when walking. This will help you to feel and look more confident because confidence comes to help you when you know that you are doing something with a purpose.

Advertise yourself to yourself
Write a personal advertisement about yourself  It may look like a short speech, less then a minute long, but it must highlight everything that is great in you.  Focus on your strengths, what you like, why you are good at your job, what you really like about yourself. When you have a moment when you are down,  because of the mistake you have made or something else,  you can always read or say that speak to you,  to help yourself get back on track and boost your self-confidence.

Show gratitude to yourself
One of the best ways to feel bad about yourself is when you start thinking that you don’t have at the moment or what you haven’t achieved.  Reverse that thinking with the direction what you have achieved, without comparing to others. Set up a small list for yourself and write every day  3 to 5 things you have achieved for the day. Include everything,  success at work,  social success,  learning you have done, etc. Train yourself on what you have to be grateful for instead of thinking what you have missed for the day.

Pay others  compliments
Have you seen the colleague who is always gossiping about others you start  Well I have to tell you that that is a sign of missing self-confidence?  When we feel bad about ourselves we often try to project those feelings to others around us by gossiping or talking behind someone’s back.  Do everything you can to disengage from this circle.  Remember that everyone has something valuable about them.  Focus on this valuable thing or things. Remember that having a positive attitude about others will help you to build a positive attitude toward yourself.

Sit upfront and speak up
Many people desperately try to avoid a front row when looking at meetings or events. Maybe this comes from their school years where everyone wanted to sit back so that they don’t be noticed from the teacher and pointed to do something. At work, sitting back is a more often seen sign of disinterests or lack of self-confidence. But no matter where you is there is one more thing you must pay attention to – how you speak. Many people are often nervous about speaking up in a group discussion. Their nervousness often comes from thinking how others will judge what self-confidence to say, how they may look stupid in front of others, etc. Try to overcome this fear by setting up yourself a goal to start speaking at least ones during a meeting discussion.  Then increase that number in time.

Focus on contribution
Many people stay in silos by trying to get everything they can get from others,  thinking that their contribution is not needed.  Change that by starting to think in a positive way.  Instead of sitting and waiting for someone to ask you something start proactively. Show interest in contributing to different initiatives and show it proactively. Offer help to others,  offer involvement in projects or tasks they struggle with but are close to your area of expertise and skills you go Their positive reaction after you have contributed is another way  to  boost your self-confidence  

Bonus tip:

Look  at your health
Have you seen a sick person? It looks down, doesn’t talk much and has this look of a person who does not care about everything.  These people often sit haven’t achieved try . what their health state is.  Avoid that by creating healthy food and exercise plans and follow them. Being in good shape makes you look more positive and energized and sets up the basis for boosting your self-confidence even higher.  Ask yourself- Have you seen an active athlete who looks like someone lost his or her self-confidence.  If you want to sustain a good level of self-confidence then think about your health and create your plan to sustain certain and then boost them to a new level.

Are you now ready to try? ….


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