Motivation and satisfaction

The path never walked – or how your dreams can stop you from achieving your success

People often talk about how you have to dream big, to achieve great things. This thinking is in thoughts like:

“Dream big,  and achieve big”

“You are so big as your dreams are”

“The future leaders are those who  dream big”


Looks familiar? Well, you are not alone in this. Many people still believe that dreams are the way they can achieve success and wealth in life.  They dream so big that they forget to act to ensure that big dreams are going to transform into reality. Those people don’t add any additional value to the reality they live in, but move through different internal conditions, based on positive, negative, neutral emotional statements and lack of ability to achieve the dreamed state of mind, body, and life.

Look at the simplest example: At the end of the year, there are many people, who plan to get in the best shape they can dream of, next year. Then the year starts,  the enthusiasm increases, just to descend several weeks or month after the start. The same happens with people who want to create the best app or game.  Many  of them start,  by  thinking how fast is it going to be, how much  money  they  will become from the product they  will  sell  to  the masses, how this money will change their life, just to  realize that  they  cannot structure the work  on the end product so that to  get a winning result.  And after weeks or months of trying, after time filled with positive and negative emotions, these same people quit.

Are you one of those people, or maybe you have people like those around you? We all have been in the same situation, or have had people around us, who have daydreams. These daydreams come to replace reality and give people hope that anything is possible. There is nothing wrong with that. People need to start from the idea if they want to achieve success. Daydreaming is often seen as the process f brainstorming the next best thing you want to achieve.  But to be one of the small group of people who move ahead and achieve their dreams, you will need to do something different. And this different thing is to take the dream and turn it into real actions. These actions are the value you add to your dream,  they are the move you make to grow as a professional and wealthy person. Because many people are not ready to make that next step (according to  Gallup there are more than 60% of the people today) you have the opportunity to shine, to make your dreams reality and benefit from that. How to achieve it. Well,  here are some steps to help  you :

Start with  dreaming

No, I mean it, really. Dreaming in professional environment is often called brainstorming.  Dream as much as you can.  That will give you many different options to chose from on the next step.

Categorize your dreams

The step most people don’t go trough is categorizing.  You cannot choose the best to be achieved if you only dream. An important step in your dream development is to categorize all ideas you dream on in categories.  That will help you analyze and compare them easily when time comes to look through the dreams and decide wich from them you will dedicate your time to, trough a particular period of time. 

Analyze categorized content

Organized content is easy analyzable.  When you have similar dreams or ideas it is easier to compare them.  Doing your analysis will help you to further reduce the number of possible dreaming ideas you want to turn to real achievements.  Make your analysis taking in consideration factors like time for achieving,  availability  of resources you  will need to achieve the dream(by  resources look  in different areas such  as people,  time,  energy,  finances,  support from higher-level people, etc.),  Environmental  readiness for your dream,  level  of challenge in the process of achieving your dream (look at challenge trough  factors like people,  time,  resources, leadership  support,  etc.)

Combine your dreams to build your bigger dream

Often people want it all and they want it now. They start big,  thinking that they can finish everything in no time and achieve greater success just to realize after several months that the dream they have had in the beginning is far away from achieving. To be successful in achieving your dreams you will need to think differently. Combine them into a bigger vision where your dreams can become steps from a long term plan for success.

Plan your achievements

The combination leads to complex points where you have to think flexible. Start by building a step to step plan.  Your plan must include steps to achieve your dreams.  All  steps must be based on several criteria:

  • Be full
  • Be strategic
  • Include stages
  • Define results
  • Have time limit
  • Have resources

These criteria are crucial to  achieve success in fulfilling the plan and step and move forward with  your dream achievements

Sustain energy  and will to win

Most people start very fast and strong with their dreams, just to give up after several months.  It is a natural situation where you put your all efforts and energy at the start just to reach the point of burnout and dissatisfaction short after that and to give up. If you want to be different from the masses you will need to plan the energy you will need to invest in reaching the dream state and distribute it properly through all planned steps. That will save you from disappointment and burnout and will enable you to successfully reach it to the end.

Find your vents and use them

Burnout and dissatisfaction always come when you work hard without stopping for a break. Whoever tells you that those two don’t work for him or she is just not honest with you. To be successful and reach sustainable results you need to switch off from time to time. Finding your vents means to focus on identifying things that can relieve stress from the path you have planned and implement them as steps in your plan to achieving the dream.  These switch off points will help you to recharge and continue working sustainably in time until the end goal of your dream is achieved.

Do not try  to  achieve your dream in silos

We all want our dreams for ourselves. But as complex your dream is, as much help you will need to achieve it. When trying to reach what you want you will need help. Do not hesitate to ask for it. People who can achieve everything by themselves are actually those, who dream small or never dream. Big dreams require you to involve others with roles that are helpful to your plan to achieve your goals and dreams.  These others may be,  mentors,  coaches,  teachers, operational people, etc. Trying to everything on your own will often lead you in a dead-end or will extend the deadline for your end goal. And as much the deadline is extended as much it becomes possible to give up your dream. It is not you,  it is just the changing human nature who causes that. So, do not work in silos,  when you want to achieve your dreams, but use all resources that environment can give you.

Reward yourself regularly

Many people struggle with progress because they have never implemented incentives for themselves in the process of achieving their goals and dreams.  According to APA research from 2015 people who plan small incentives during a process of achieving goals are 31% more productive and 38% more likely to achieve goals they have set up. Your strategy and action plan are the basics, but you still need to think of relevant rewards. What  I mean by that is that you will need to assess different stages of your end goal and dream achievement and ensure yourself rewards,  relevant to the pressure and stress you have experienced during the particular step or stage of the goal achievement process. That will help you to sustain your internal motivation,  your engagement to the topic and will help you put enough energy to fulfill your dream.   


In the 19th  and 20th-century people have talked to often about dreaming.  This idea evolved from the situations on the market and in economies like recessions, economical disbalances, etc.  Now, in 21st century we talk much about leadership and want to lead by example.  In the current century the most important skill still remains the ability to sustain internal motivation so that we can be able to finish projects, achieve goals and fulfill dreams for success.  The process of achieving goals has moved from operational planning to motivational sustainability strategy building.  I want to succeed in that century. Then plan your dream achievements as part of a normal person living with all up’s downs and compensation mechanisms.


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