3 elements to pay attention to if you want to have successful recruiting process

We all want to hire the best talents for our team.  In leadership team meetings we often hear how we must develop talent to achieve greater results at work.  And then, after the talk at the meetings, we are left alone to figure out how to attract, hire, and retain these great talents, that will help us grow in results.  Looks familiar? Well, you are not alone.  In the last decade, it has become fancy and modern to talk about employer branding.  Marketing has found a new niche to expand and moved from selling products to selling experience.  These sales activities have come to the hands of the HR Teams, and they started educating managers and leaders on how to sell an in-house experience to the outside world.

Leaders started believing that employer branding can ensure them the so wanted and desired results and growth and started investing in the employer brand development.  Nowadays there are conferences, groups of interests, consultants, etc., who offer companies a “working” strategy to hire best in class talents with a “minimum” budget, in a fast-paced and insecure world of work. Large companies, who have the resources spend huge amounts of money and people hours to build a brand, while sponsoring events, creating own events, building-specific sections, blogs, or communities, etc.

But after all, what can best help companies to attract the best talents is still the honesty and show ups of the team. 

Here I am sharing with you three elements that can help you become better at hiring talents for your team without breaking the budget of the company:

Your website

You have used your website to present the company to potential business partners and this has worked well.  Why not start using it to attract talents? The small investment that can help you achieve that is to create a new section.  You can call it whatever you want – Company life, Life@Company X, Our company from inside…etc. But this new section must represent only your company from inside. It must be filled with news, pictures, team, and individuals’ achievements, etc.  Do not let any sales news or article show up in this section.  This must be your employees’ section.  It costs not so much money and it is worth having a section like this.  One of the positive elements for you  is that  this section will increase unique visits to  your website and will also  help  promote trade products or services you  offer to  the world,  but will also  serve as a promoter page for company  culture

Reviews for your company

There are plenty of websites there who give potential candidates information about the specifics in the company.  Websites like Glassdoor and other local representatives of this information channel exist everywhere in the world.  Many companies have been evaluated on these websites and some of the evaluations and reviews are written are not very pleasant. There is a practice in the country  I live for the management team to qualify these reviews as written from potential low performers who didn’t get a job in the company,  or negative employees,  who cannot achieve more than average results within the company and do not get any additional privileges like the high achievers.  If you are in this group do not worry so much, you are not alone. There are many like you.  But if you want to change for good you do not have to write to website administrators to delete the not so positive reviews.  Instead of that read them again and embrace them.  Embracing reviews from the websites and going to the roots of the situation or the problem shared from a “negative person” is the best way to evaluate and analyze the processes in your company and upgrade them to a new level.  While putting effort in this direction you will also see how the attitude toward your company changes.

Recruiting with your company culture

Your team

I have seen people holding managerial or senior leadership positions who like to take decisions alone.  While choosing someone for your team, do not forget that you will lead that person, but other members of the team will have to work with the chosen candidate. To have balance in the recruiting process and ensure acceptance from the team you will need to find a way to involve them in the process of recruiting new team members.  It is not always possible to involve people from the team in the different stage s of the recruitment process,  but if you want the team to accept the new hire,  you will need to make a deal with them.  This deal includes involving them on criteria definition level, or in the pre-recruiting process, or even in the interviews or the testing of the candidate. If the position you are hiring for will work with a cohesive team of people who think similarly,  you will also need to invest time in introducing the potential hire to at least part of the team members and hear their feedback.  That will guarantee you that the decision you are taking, for hiring a new team member is widely accepted,  or will help you identify elements from the candidate behavior that can make you re-think your decision again.  It will also have a positive impact on team engagement and will boost the feeling of internal recognition.


Want to hire while using employer brand.  Then do not forget that the great talent you want to hire wants to know as much as he or she can collect as information about your company,  culture, and team and see how you change positively while listening to the guidelines from the outside world. 


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