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The skills to lead others- Influencing

Nowadays we often here about influencing others, people who call themselves influencers etc. Influence is one of the tools, used from people all around the world to make money, win glory, become electrifying leaders etc. If you look at the definition of the word influence you in the dictionaries you will find a like the… Continue reading The skills to lead others- Influencing

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How to handle conflicts for success

There are different statements in the business environment, defining conflicts in a range from destructiveness to constructiveness for progress. People often enter in situations where the conflict is something usual, but often these same people don’t know how to react and instead of use conflict for progress, they force the destructive side of the conflict.… Continue reading How to handle conflicts for success


Leadership Skills – Facilitation

Facilitation is often seen as neutral role using guidance and encouragement tactics to help team members achieve meeting objectives. Facilitation skills are part of the most advanced set of skills every leader should build. Developed and used properly, facilitation skills can save time, money and effort, can lower the stress levels and boost productivity. That… Continue reading Leadership Skills – Facilitation

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Coaching for growth – The 5P’s model

Can you imagine a company in 21st century not using the coaching method for achieving results? There are thousands of coaching programs issued by different companies, aiming to “help” people perform better and achieve higher results, without “stealing” enormous amount of their line managers or senior leaders. When an employee moves from the path of… Continue reading Coaching for growth – The 5P’s model