Leadership, Motivation and satisfaction

What makes a good leader?

Recently  I have attended a seminar where the presenter asked a simple question: What  makes a good leader? You can imagine that  from a room with almost 100 people proposals were coming out as a shotguns. People shared thoughts about their understanding what  really  a good leader should look like. After a short brainstorming session… Continue reading What makes a good leader?

Motivation and satisfaction

How team work can improve your bottom line

Teamwork is one of the terms widely exposed. People from all organizational layers in each company talk about team work. It is given as a reason to join or quite an organization. Did you know that according to a study conducted from the European Labour Community (non profit organization based in Berlin) 51% of the… Continue reading How team work can improve your bottom line

Personal Development, Productivity

The work-life balance challenge

Work and Life Balance Your plan to move ahead and achieve better results The work-life balance mantra is very popular these days. People often talk about burn-out, demotivation, lack of energy for decent tasks etc. Business leaders “show” their followers what it means to balance between work and personal life. HR departments execute projects and… Continue reading The work-life balance challenge