Motivation and satisfaction

How team work can improve your bottom line

Teamwork is one of the terms widely exposed. People from all organizational layers in each company talk about team work. It is given as a reason to join or quite an organization.

Did you know that according to a study conducted from the European Labour Community (non profit organization based in Berlin) 51% of the reason people have quit their job in 2018 are a result of a non-balanced teamwork. 

But wait, we are not going to talk here about reasons for quitting the job you hold at the moment. If you expect to see that in the next paragraph then you better stop reading here.

We will talk here on how a good team work can impact positively company results and boost morale and engagement.

  • Reduces absenteeism

While this theme comes out from the school years of everyone it has a very long story. A toxic environment or a factor that is not harmonized with someone’s understandings often brings to absenteeism. People “start” feeling sick. They take more sick days at home. And with that they hurt team performance, team morale and team engagement. Want to stop this, the only thing you need to do is take attention to an often sick colleague and start exploring the reasons for this sickness and the ways it can be cured.

  • Brings out good in people

A good team interaction brings out what we call good in people. People start being more honest, open for conversation and feedback and more positive and trusty one to each other and to team managers decisions. If people feel ignored they  close themselves and start feeling bad. Try  o establish  a positive environment of sharing information freely  and you will see the good side of each  of your team members. (A hint here: It is not only your HR Department responsibility).

  • Understands reasons for quitting

When having an open communication process people don’t fear to share with you anything. And when they come to the point to quit their position they  really  share more meaningful reasons like development, learning of new things,  bigger challenges etc. and distance from toxic and unclear topics like management style, trust, team morale etc.  

  • Makes management stronger

Good teamwork can help management to easily reach  goals and even overgrow them. The majority of managers still think that people leave mostly because of money. But what  really  people need nowadays is a strong management ready  to assess their results, give an honest  and open feedback  and support their development in every  area. Most feedback sessions fail their purpose not because they are poorly structured, but because information shred during them is not acceptable, understandable and helpful  for the employee. A good or strong management nowadays means to help team members reach  their goals, be honest with  them on their performance and plan together with  them  for success. 

  • Increases customer satisfaction

Last but not least, have you ever heard of a customer who is happy  dealing with  not harmonized team. When not working well as a team, people in the company  often react harsh  on customers. And that leads to negative customer review, decreased results and constructive or negative talks filled with  heavy or negative emotions.   There is a say that  1 happy  customer will bring 5 others, but an unhappy  customer can cost you 100 other potential  customers.

And this say is completely true. Customers are the best barometer to assess performance of the team members. Their reviews, feedback and emotions during the process are crucial not only for company  results, but also  for the team performance and morale.


If you want to see your team acting as a positive group of people ready to face every challenge together then be sure that what you call TEAM is really a WORKING TEAM. If you have any doubts, you better start analysing and exploring what went different from your understanding of a good team work . As soon as you do that you will start helping your team to become stronger and your results as manager will increase.


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